Taishet aluminium smelter

The new high-tech aluminium smelter, which is being completed by RUSAL, will become one of the Company's key assets in Siberia. The Taishet smelter will become one of the largest non-ferrous smelters in Russia and one of the most environmentally friendly aluminium smelters in the world. 

TAZ will be equipped with energy efficient RA-400 "T" modification electrolysers developed by the Company's Engineering and Technology Centre. Today RA-400 is one of the most powerful electrolysers in the world - it can produce about 3 tons of aluminum per day. Upon start-up of the 1st series, the production complex of the Taishet Aluminium Smelter will include 2 electrolysis units, a foundry, anodic and energy units, as well as infrastructure facilities. 

Construction of the Taishet smelter began in 2007 in the Irkutsk region. The construction site was chosen to minimize the impact of the plant on the regional environment. 

Great attention was paid to environmental issues when designing the plant. The Taishet plant will be equipped with modern dry gas cleaning systems with a capture efficiency of over 98.5%. And RA-400T electrolysers are equipped with automatic alumina supply systems, which will also minimize harmful emissions.

RUSAL also ensures the development of infrastructure in the Taishet district - the Company invests in the construction of residential buildings (more than 1,000 apartments), development of the railway station, construction of roads and a bridge, introduction of engineering networks, and development of social infrastructure.