Irkutsk aluminium smelter - 5th series

The launch of the 5th series of the Irkutsk aluminium smelter, which RUSAL completed in 2008, was the first major industrial project in the Baikal region in the history of modern Russia. 

The project to construct new electrolysis buildings was completed in 3 years, while the commissioning of new facilities allowed Irkutsk to increase production by 170 thousand tonnes of aluminium per year. Over $600 million was invested in the project. 

The 5th series of IrkAZ is distinguished by its advanced technologies, which at the time of construction helped to significantly reduce the environmental impact of production. The dry gas cleaning system installed in the 5th series allows catching fluoride compounds and electrolytic dust by 99.5%, as well as electrolysers with fired anodes operating at 300 kA, which are much more efficient than analogues.

Also in 2008, the Irkutsk aluminium smelter implemented a project to expand foundry capacities developed by SibVAMI specialists.