Main facts

RUSAL is a leading company in the global aluminium industry, producing metal with a low carbon footprint. 90% of the Company's aluminium is produced from renewable electricity, and by implementing innovative and energy-saving technologies RUSAL is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at all production stages. This has enabled RUSAL to become one of the first in the world to master the production of 'green' metal under the ALLOW brand.

Key indicators

Stock exchange tickers

486 HKEx
RUAL Moscow Exchange
  • 90%

    over 90% of the company's aluminium is produced using clean and renewable hydroelectric power

  • 4 t

    less than 4 t of CO2 equivalent per 1 tonne of aluminium is the carbon footprint of ALLOW aluminium brand (scope 1 and scope 2)

  • 3.757

    mln t of aluminium produced in 2019

  • 5,9%

    of the world's aluminium production in 2019

  • 7.858

    mln t of alumina produced in 2019

  • 6,3%

    of the world's alumina production in 2019

Best electrolysis
technologies in the world

RA-550 Electrolysis
RA-400 Electrolysis
RA-300 Electrolysis
Inert anode Electrolysis (developed)

(as of 06.02.2020)

56,88% En+
26,50% SUAL
16,62% Free float
  • RUSAL is one of the founders

    of the Climate Partnership of Russia

    In 2015 RUSAL was one of the initiators of the association,

    which currently brings together 27 companies from various industries.

  • 20 years

    of RUSAL's history

    RUSAL holds the leading position in the industry

    from the moment of foundation in 2000

  • 27,8%

    of shares of MMC Norilsk Nickel owned by RUSAL

    Norilsk Nickel

    The world's largest producer of nickel, palladium and one of the largest producers of platinum and copper


43 factories in 5 continents