Moving on up! Any ambitious RUSAL employee looking for career growth may apply for a promotion. The Candidate Pool programme helps to create a 'substitute bench' for all managerial positions at RUSAL– from line foremen to top managers. It provides training for professional, highly-skilled and efficient managers.

Today, RUSAL has approved candidates for each of the key positions which have maximum impact on Company performance. They are experienced, high-class specialists, who are outgrowing their current positions and striving for professional development and career growth.

Each participant of the Candidate Pool programme is appraised through a competency scale, which helps to determine their aptitude to work at a higher position. Based on the appraisal results, an individual development plan is prepared, which can include a wide range of tools – from DLS classes, trainings, courses and cross-internship, to target education in leading universities.

One of the key tools for candidate pool training at RUSAL is the BS 250+ programme, which has been implemented at the Company since 2015. Its participants learn how to accomplish specific production tasks and implement improvement projects using the approaches and principles of the RUSAL Business System both at their own production facilities and at the Company's model smelters.

In fact, it was due to their active participation in the development of the RUSAL Business System that the Managing Director of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter, Evgeny Kuryanov, the Managing Director of the Bratsk Aluminium Smelter, Evgeny Zenkin, the Chief Executive Officer of the Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter, Oleg Buts, the Chief Executive Officer of ARMENAL, Artur Zakaryan, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Taishet Alumina Refinery, Igor Volokhov, were appointed to their current positions. Likewise, many employees who completed the BS 250+ programme were subsequently appointed as Heads of business areas, shops, potrooms and production areas. Their success stories are proof that all RUSAL employees have got the opportunity for career growth and professional development.