For youth

Schoolchildren are frequent visitors of RUSAL’s plants. Pupils of different ages can get acquainted with the metallurgy basics by taking part in the special programs available at the Company’s regions of operation. During the plant tours, they can see first-hand all the processes of alumina and aluminium production and even try on the overalls of a cell operator or a miner. The Company representatives give career advice to the children and tell them about the history of metallurgy, its present and future, as well as the niche aspects of each job within the plant. Pupils can also get taught engineering and technical skills through various workshops arranged by RUSAL. The Company also arranges scientific festivals and educational programs and provides local talented children the chance to regularly take part in the JuniorSkills professional skill competitions, as well as in the RoboFest (Robotics Festival).

 “The 13th Element. Alchemy of the future” is a school competition that is very popular among the schoolchildren who excel in chemistry, physics, and engineering sciences. Every year, thousands of children from all over the country enter this competition sponsored by RUSAL. The winners qualify for admission to the industry-specific universities without taking entrance exams.

Every summer, the children of the Company’s employees make an expedition to the RUSAL Planet. This is the name of the corporate educational program at the Druzhba children's recreation camp near Sayanogorsk. Here, children aged 10-15 spend their vacations getting acquainted with the specifics of aluminium production, set experiments and even develop their own scientific projects.