RUSAL begins production of low-carbon alloys for car manufacturers

Moscow, 7 February 2023 — RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, started using end of life aluminium scrap in production of foundry alloys for automotive industry. This production enabled RUSAL to reduce full scope carbon footprint of the new product by nearly 20%.

RUSAL’s Primary Equivalent Foundry Alloys (PEFA) – contains 20% of aluminium scrap, which is added into the molten aluminium during the production process. The Company plans to expand production of PEFA during the second half of 2023 and increase the recycled content up to 30%. Thе new product is in full alignment of OEMs requirements meeting both the need for low carbon footprint, and recycled content. This product will address the strategic requirements linked to carbon neutrality commitments and ensure active participation of RUSAL, partners and customers in the circular economy of automotive industry.

RUSAL produces more than three million tons of low carbon aluminium under ALLOW brand which are independently certified. The Company approved its new Climate Strategy in December 2022, which entails greenhouse gas emissions reduction by at least 25% by 2032, and by at least 47% by 2050.

RUSAL is one of the largest foundry alloys producers with an extended portfolio ranging from wheel alloys to alloys for castings, including piston and proprietary alloys for structural components as well alloys for non-automotive applications. The company operates Research and Development Centers where metallurgy experts work to develop new alloys and to provide customer technical support including qualifications, working on unique technical solutions and R&D projects. The technical team was involved in developing RUSAL PEFA product.

Roman Andryushin, Deputy CEO, Director of Sales and Marketing of RUSAL, commented:
“Our clients continue to emphasize the importance of the circular economy in improving sustainability in manufacturing. Production of new low-carbon alloys is our direct response to clear demand from automotive customers for recycled content in aluminium products. We believe that RUSAL’s new product with recycled content coupled with our industry leading low-carbon aluminium ALLOW will help our customers embed sustainable procurement into their supply chains.”
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