RUSAL Expands Aluminium Recycling Initiatives and Delivers First Batch of Rolling Slabs with Recycled Content

Krasnoyarsk, 24 April 2024 – RUSAL, one of the world's largest aluminium producers, has successfully supplied rolling slabs containing recycled content to a longstanding partner. This supply comes in response to increasing demand for sustainable aluminium products, particularly within the food and beverage sector.

The Company's largest aluminium smelter, Krasnoyarsk (KrAZ), recycled a batch of aluminium scrap for the first time in its 60 years’ history. The end of life scrap was molten and blended with liquid metal from the primary aluminium production process. After the casting process, the rolling slab was delivered to one of RUSAL’s longstanding partners and successfully processed. The recycled content, treated and processed by RUSAL, ensures no compromise on product quality.

“RUSAL is committed to fulfilling its clients' evolving needs, and integrating increased recycled content into its products is a crucial component of the Company’s product strategy,” stated Matthias Ohlmer, RUSAL Global Product Director. “To achieve these strategic objectives, RUSAL will allocate substantial resources towards enhancing collection rates, as well as towards the treatment, processing, and melting of aluminium scrap of various qualities, shapes and alloys.”

This marks a significant milestone for RUSAL, aligning with its commitment to expand the use of recycled aluminium products, a key aspect of the Company’s sales development plan and Sustainable Development Strategy. Incorporating recycled materials into aluminium production is an effective method for reducing carbon footprint, reflecting a growing global trend in the aluminium industry.
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