Many students get immersed in science from their first academic courses. With the support of RUSAL Laboratory, a Corporate Youth Initiative Centre, future metallurgists can carry out design and research work, experiments and tests, including for specific aluminium smelters and alumina refineries. RUSAL Laboratory has branches in four partner universities – Siberian Federal University, Siberian State Industrial University, Irkutsk National Research University and Volgograd Technical University.

At RUSAL Laboratory, students, graduates and teachers, as part of project teams or on an individual basis, can run research projects to solve real engineering problems for the plants, either at the Company’s request or as their own initiative. The laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. The Company’s process managers provide students with advisory support.

RUSAL Laboratory offers talented students an opportunity to fulfil their potential and become part of the Company's external staff pool. Moreover, the results of their projects can be used in production processes of alumina refineries and aluminium smelters. The relevant student projects include the development of new foundry and wrought alloys, the development of a new technology for using aluminium alloys to produce anode protectors, and solutions to prevent the occurrence of so-called white corrosion, etc.

The number of functions of RUSAL Laboratory is constantly growing. It arranges competitions for the best student design projects, and since 2019, the centre has also been used as a platform for early career guidance.