Lean-doped scandium-containing alloys

A unique line of non-heat-hardened wrought materials with a high corrosion resistance, weldability and increased strength compared to traditional aluminium alloys.


The ILM&T has developed aluminium materials based on the Aluminium-Magnesium system, additionally doped with small scandium additives. Scandium is one of the best modifiers for aluminium alloys, but its cost significantly increases the cost of end products. UC RUSAL scientists have managed to reduce the content of this expensive element three-fold (to 0.1%) compared to commercial analogues, while maintaining a 30-50% higher strength compared to alloys without scandium. The new material was assigned the grade 1580 (5081 according to foreign classification).

Due to its unique combination of cost and performance parameters, alloy 1580 is an attractive alternative to traditional materials used in the rocket, space and shipbuilding industries. To date, alloy 1580 has successfully passed industrial tests and certification at production facilities of the space industry and is applied in the design of new-generation space missiles.

As a further development of the line, an alloy containing only 0.03% scandium, has been developed, having a 20% higher strength while maintaining processability.  The material allows customers to implement cost-efficient solutions to reduce the cost of structures in automotive and marine transport in mass production conditions. Thus, the alloy meets the current challenges for the global industry to reduce fuel consumption and air emissions.

The materials are successfully produced in the form of slabs, rolled and forged semi-finished products.