Inert anode

Using inert anodes in the reduction process is recognised as a revolutionary solution in the metallurgy. UC RUSAL is a world leader in creating and developing this technology. Using inert anodes provides for replacing classic carbon anodes with inert non-consumable materials — ceramics or alloys. This not only completely eliminates emissions of greenhouse gases (CO and CO2), polyaromatic hydrocarbons, benz(a)pyrene and sulphur from the reduction process, but also significantly reduces the cost of production by saving anodes.

A significant decrease in the number of anode replacements allows making the process as autonomous and robotised as possible.

Another positive result of this technology is generating oxygen in the aluminium production process: one cell using inert anode technology can generate the same volume of oxygen as 70 hectares of forest.

At present, for the first time in the world, the technology is being tested and improved in aluminium production at industrial amperage. More than 1,500 tonnes of the world's 'greenest' aluminium were produced.

To test the technology, the Company created its industrial production of inert anodes.