Casting tooling production

The scientific and research units of RUSAL have accumulated extensive experience in developing and implementing various types of tooling for casting and heaters.

RUSAL is developing its competencies in modeling and design. RUSAL ETC created its own production of casting tooling for any customer alloys.  A new design of casting tooling was developed and put into operation, making it possible to produce slabs from alloys of the 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX and 8XXX series of various sections according to customer requirements.

Tooling for RUSAL casthouses has been manufactured and tested, and the product quality at these casting tooling meets the highest customer requirements. The Company's reference list is demonstrated to other production facilities of the Russian aluminium industry. Negotiations are underway to supply casting tooling to aluminium smelters of other companies.

Support has been organised and is provided from alloy development, engineering and casting technology, to production launch and service.

Moreover, at present the Company has got a unit to develop, manufacture and test casting tooling, which allows minimising the time for the launch of new products. Developing its own production ensures complete autonomy of supplies and the use of any tooling types for casting in the Company.