Additive technologies

RUSAL organised a full-cycle production of parts with specified parameters and characteristics – from developing aluminium alloys for 3D printing and the creation of powder production technologies, to developing comprehensive technologies for additive production of parts to meet end user requirements.

RUSAL successfully developed and launched onto the market a line of RS branded powders for additive technologies, including both traditional alloys and new materials with improved performance parameters, such as:

  • materials with a 30-70% higher strength;
  • operating temperatures of up to 300- 350°С;
  • special physical properties;

The materials and technologies developed by RUSAL specialists are implemented in a number of joint projects with companies of the automotive, aircraft, instrument-making and shipbuilding industries – for serial additive production of products which are superior in mechanical, thermal, corrosion and other functional properties than parts produced by traditional methods. The technology of additive production from powder materials is fine-tuned at the EOS M290 industrial 3D printer with a 400 W laster capacity, which is able to work with all groups of powders.

The Centre of Additive Technologies based on ILM&T allows offering Customers not just a material, but a ready comprehensive technology solution, which comprises optimising a part for 3D printing technologies, developing a product production technology, including post-processing and recommendations for material selection depending on operating conditions. If there are no materials with the required set of properties in the existing line, RUSAL specialists are ready to create the material according to customer requirements.

In addition to powders, RUSAL develops wire printing technologies, which are characterised by a high production speed. New types of alloys in the form of wire for 3D printing are being studied in cooperation with a number of Russian and foreign companies specialising in the production of relevant equipment.