WINDALCO, a bauxite and alumina production complex, uses an opencast method to extract bauxites, which lie close to the surface in Jamaica. The facility infrastructure includes a shipping port and several farms.

Located on the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

The facility infrastructure includes a commercial seaport and farms in Manchester and St Ann.

Alumina, alumina hydrate, bauxite
Annual production capacity
502,000 tonnes of alumina. 4 million tonnes of bauxite
Ewarton and Kirkvine alumina refineries, bauxite mines, Esquivel shipping port, farms in Manchester and St. Ann
Production technology
Alumina production - Bayer process. Bauxite mining - open pit
In order to maintain sustainable development, the Company also seeks to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. In addition to the requirement that the Company is obliged to work in a safe environment when implementing its business and production plans, special attention is also paid to the ongoing overhaul and modernization of the plant.
The year 2015 was marked by WINDALCO's praiseworthy achievements related to the successful overhaul of the kilns; the company also systematically fulfilled its goals in terms of alumina production volumes during the year.
The efforts aimed at achieving stable results in the decomposition shop, in the red mud waste chain and in other technological areas continue unabated.
The plant also continues to implement its plans related to ensuring the operational reliability of equipment and reducing the cash cost of products, the implementation of which guarantees stable levels of production volumes. The goal is to modernize WINDALCO's facilities, and its implementation should ensure long-term sustainable development.