Sayana Foil

The Sayana Foil facility, part of RUSAL's foilmill SAYANAL, is the only producer of household foil in Russia.

Founded in 1997 to utilize the foil waste from RUSAL SAYANAL foil mill.

In 1999 relocated to the Moscow region in order to streamline logistics and enhance the company's customer relations.

Owns proprietary trademarks “Sayanskaya” and “Sayana”.

Foil for household use, foil containers, bottle hoods for sparkling wines
Retail networks
Household foil production unit Food containers production unit Sparkling wines bottle hoods production unit
Annual production capacity
4,000 tonnes
Sayana Foil’s core development priority is to expand the range of products it produces. The facility has recently released two new products: ultrastrong Sayanskaya Grill foil and low-priced Sayanskaya Ecomony foil. Sayana Foil intends to futher expand its product range and introduce new kinds of baking paper, cling film, thermal bags for grilling, etc.
ISO 9001:2015(environmental management standard)