SAYANAL is Russia’s largest foil mill, producing a wide range of foil and packaging products

Russia’s largest producer of foil and packaging.

Created in 1993 under an agreement between the Sayanogorsk smelter, Italian engineering company FATA and the US-based Reynolds Metals Company, one of the world’s largest producer of aluminium-based packaging materials.

Processes aluminium, which is supplied by the neighbouring Sayanogorsk smelter.

Hard and soft plain foil (for food products packaging, for foil-based packaging materials production as well as for direct technical and household use)

Aluminum foil with thermo sealing coating for consumer packaging and multilayer composite aluminum foil for sealing consumer packaging

Multilayer material based on aluminium foil for consumer packaging

Flexible packaging with thermo sealing for pharmaceutical industry

Paper-laminated aluminium foil for food and tobacco industry

Varnished, painted, printed, embossed aluminium foil 
Food, pharmaceutical, construction, automobile, tobacco industries
Annual production capacity
40,000 tons
In 2017-2019, SAYANAL developed the following production technology:


foils with branded colored paper for cigarette packaging; foils with embossing for the production of PIR panels; foils with low-temperature varnishes for packaging melted cheese; foils with lacquer coating for producing capsules with coffee.

In plans for 2020 - 2022:

purchase, installation and launch of equipment for production of technical and construction tapes.
ISO 14001:2015(environmental management standard) ISO 9001:2015(environmental management standard) ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-4 апd additional FSSC 22000 requirements (food safety management system)