Kia-Shaltyr nepheline mine

Kiya-Shaltyr nepheline mine is the raw material base of the Krasnoyarsk aluminium complex, ore is supplied to Achinsk alumina refinery.  Raw materials are transported to the refinery by railway.  

Mining is carried out using the open-pit method. 

The mine was commissioned in 1963 and is the town-forming enterprise in Belogorsk.

Nepheline ore
about 5 mln tonnes
Mining method
drill and fire system

As part of the investment program, the mining equipment fleet is constantly being updated. In 2016-2019, the plant received more than three dozen modern machinery for various purposes - dump trucks with a payload capacity of 55 and 90 tons, excavators, drilling rigs, bulldozers and others. 

Currently, work is underway to expand and extend the life of the facility. In order to increase production volume, from 2018 more than 100 people were additionally employed to work on a rotational basis at the mine. A comfortable dormitory of modular type was built for temporary employees and they are provided with a full social package.  

450 people