Friguia Bauxite and Alumina Complex

The Friguia production complex includes a bauxite mine, an alumina refinery and a railway network

Managed by RUSAL since 2002 and privatized in 2006.

Includes a 160 km railway network that facilitates shipments of products, raw materials and fuel.

One of the largest employers in Guinea.

Alumina of the highest grade (G-00), alumina hydrate, bauxites
Friguia bauxite mine, alumina refinery
Annual production capacity
600,000 tonnes of alumina 
2.1 million tonnes of bauxite
Production technology
The Bayer process
The facility development plans include the preparation by the end of 2020 of a working draft and a socio-economic justification of the modernization of BGK Friguia with the possibility of expanding the production capacity of the plant to 1.050 million tons per year.
1349 people