Boksitogorsk Alumina Refinery

The Boksitogorsk refinery focuses on making value-added products.

Commissioned in 1938

40% of the refinery’s power demand and 100% of its heat demand is met by the facility’s own power plant.

Corundum products
Annual production capacity
78,000 tonnes of corundum production
Corundum production unit
Energy Supplier
Lenenergo (60% of energy consumption), own TPP (40% of energy consumption)
Modernization programme for corundum production at the Boksitogorsk refinery was completed in May, 2017. The installation of modern crushing and processing equipment boosted corundum production output to 79,000 tonnes per year. Production of materials for fire-resistant products has risen by 6,000 tonnes, for abrasive products - by 4,000 tonnes. Investment in the project amount to about US$1.65 million.
ISO 9001:2015(quality management system)