Boguchansky aluminium smelter

The most modern and environmentally friendly aluminium production in Russia. The smelter is part of the Boguchansky Energy and Metallurgical Complex (BEMO), a unique joint project between RUSAL and RusHydro.

The first metal at the Boguchansky smelter was produced in 2015, and in 2019 the first series of the smelter was officially launched.

Production at Boguchansky smelter meets the latest international environmental requirements for aluminium production and is certified to ISO 14001 international environmental management system standard. 

In terms of its design capacity, the Boguchansky Aluminium Smelter ranks third in Russia after the Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk smelters - BoAZ is capable of producing almost 600,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. Its production complex consists of two series. The first series has a capacity of 298 thousand tonnes of aluminium per year. 

RA-300B grade electrolysers with a capacity of 2.4 tonnes of aluminium per day each are the core of the smelter's production complex. 

Primary aluminium
Automotive, transport, construction, electrical industry
258,000 tonnes
Production complex
The production complex of the plant includes electrolysis, foundry and anode departments, as well as power supply and infrastructure facilities. It consists of two series with a capacity of about 296 thousand tonnes of aluminium per year each. Each series includes two production buildings;
1,400 people