ARMENAL is the only foil producer in the Caucasus and Central Asia and one of the most up-to-date and technically advanced foil mills globally.

Launched by RUSAL in May 2000 as part of the Kanaker aluminium smelter.

Since 2003 has been wholly owned by RUSAL.

Between 2004-2006, RUSAL and its German partner Achenbach, modernized the facility refurbishing it with new state-of-the-art equipment to cater for an entire production cycle, and ensure the highest quality of ARMENAL products.

Hard and soft aluminium foil (0.007 to 0.2 mm thick and 20 to 1500 mm wide), aluminium tapes, container foil
Food, pharmaceutical, construction industries, retail networks
Annual production capacity
40,000 tonnes
Melting unit (melting and casting areas) Rolling mill shop Foil cutting and baking unit Products packaging and package production units
In 2009, ARMENAL commenced batch production of aluminium foil with a thickness of 7 to 9 micron. The facility plans to further master the production of thin foil, which enjoys strong global demand. In 2010, the foil mill deployed a new machine for foil cutting and bifurcating. In addition a new Seco/Warwick furnace was installed. This new equipment helped to further improve the quality of ARMENAL products. In 2011, a new packaged transformer substation was installed in order to improve the melting unit. This measure helped to cover the plant’s daily liquid metal demand. Between 2010-2015 as part of the facility’s modernization program an AIRPURE system for the capture and regeneration of vapor coolant was installed along with a Seco/Warwick interstage annealing oven, foil cutting FATA Hunter machine and other equipment was installed. The facility plans to increase the output of light decorative foil and container foil. Since 2013 the facility has been developing a strategy to fulfill its production goal of 40,000 tonnes of foil per annum. In 2016 the facility launched the production of foil for food containers. In 2019, the construction of two new cooling towers for rolling production and an air-water supply compressor section was completed, the commissioning of which significantly reduced water consumption and wastewater disposal in the city sewage collector.
ISO 14001:2015 certificate ISO 9001:2008 certificate OU Kosher certificate FDA certificate from ISEGA
670 people