Being among the largest aluminium companies in the world creates additional obligations and responsibilities for UC RUSAL. Having successfully endured several global crises, the Company commits to continue its efficiency improvement efforts, expand the product range through value-added products, and enhance its presence in key markets, primarily Russia. All this aims to increase financial results and capitalisation of the Company in the interests of all of its shareholders.

Outlined in the Company’s long-term development strategy are the following priorities and goals:

  1. -

    Retain the position of one of the most cost effective producers with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry;

  2. -
    Pursue R&D projects to develop new aluminium alloys and products, and introduce innovative technologies improving operating efficiency;
  3. -

    Improve operating flexibility to promptly adapt to a fast-changing market environment;

  4. -

    Increase the share of value-added products aiming at the highest margins;

  5. -

    Expand sales in Russia and the CIS, a key market for the Company;

  6. -

    See new applications for aluminium products to boost consumption of aluminium in Russia;

  7. -

    Launch new downstream facilities in Russia with external partners, with a priority to use existing infrastructure of mothballed smelters;

  8. -

    Improve environmental performance of production facilities;

  9. -

    Achieve self-sufficiency in raw materials to be independent from third party supply;

  10. -

    Ensure secure supply of energy through access to competitive sources;

  11. -

    Maintain transport security of the business via optimal logistics;

  12. -

    Maintain an optimal capital structure, improve liquidity of shares and continue deleveraging activities;

  13. -

    Enhance the Company’s status as an employer of choice.