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RUSAL is the world’s largest aluminium producer and one of the largest alumina producers. RUSAL operates in 19 countries on 5 continents. find out more


RA-550: The New Generation of Cell Technology at UC Rusal 20.02.2017 Victor Mann More
Russian aluminum maker registers prospectus for Panda Bonds 16.02.2017 Oleg Mukhamedshin More
Renewables just an excuse to use more coal 19.01.2017 Oleg Deripaska More
Alexandra Bouriko is expecting a boost in the business from the investment agenda of President-elect Trump 13.12.2016 Alexandra Bouriko More
UC Rusal will double aluminium supplies to Russia in next five years 28.09.2016 Vladislav Soloviev More
How to put Paris talks into climate action 13.01.2016 Oleg Deripaska More
Ukraine needs Russia's debt market to save its economy – metals mogul 19.06.2015 Oleg Deripaska More
Aluminium is in better shape than other commodities 23.01.2015 Oleg Deripaska More
I don't see stabilization 22.01.2015 Oleg Deripaska More
‘Sanctions war’ has nothing to do with Ukraine; it’s just a pretext 22.09.2014 Oleg Deripaska More
Deripaska Says Russia Has `Wrong' Monetary Policy 10.09.2014 Oleg Deripaska More
Cost of capital for Russian firms a 'key issue' 26.05.2014 Oleg Deripaska More
We're relying on ourselves 26.03.2014 Alexandra Bouriko More
Rusal Sees Aluminum Deficit Driving Delivery Premium to 50% 21.02.2014 Vladislav Soloviev More
Only discipline will help aluminium market 23.01.2014 Oleg Deripaska More
RI's credibility tested by Mining Law enforcement 07.10.2013 Oleg Deripaska More
Environmental issues have become paramount in metal production 23.09.2013 Victor Mann More
Higher consumption to lift aluminum 11.09.2013 Oleg Deripaska More
LME Needs More Transparency 11.09.2013 Oleg Deripaska More
We can no longer subsidize other industries 19.08.2013 Oleg Deripaska More

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