RUSAL’s main products are primary aluminium, aluminium alloys, foil and alumina. The company has access to vast resources of raw materials and provides the entire production cycle. find out more

Sustainable development
In 2009 RUSAL completed a large-scale project to modernise the Krasnoyarsk smelter. The renovation resulted in in its production efficiency increasing considerably and a reduction in its emissions. find out more

Nikolaev Alumina Refinery

The Nikolaev facility is one of the world's most energy efficient refineries with the highest level of automation across Russia and CIS.

  • Commissioned in 1980
  • RUSAL’s second largest alumina asset
  • The facility’s remarkable health and safety perfomance was recognised with an award from the International Aluminium Institute


Nikolaev, Ukraine


Metallurgical alumina, metal gallium, aluminous cake

Annual production capacity

1.6 million tonnes of alumina per year

Production technology

The Bayer process


The Nikolaev refinery is currently carrying out a programme to boost the output of alumina and gallium. The facility is also designing a project to extend the life of the bauxite residue area. Other development plans include reconstruction of the gas scrubbers for lime-burning furnaces.


ISO 14001 (environmental management standard)

ISO 9001 (quality management standard)

OHSAS 18001 (health and safety management standard)



1,500 people


Dmitry Mirny, General Director


Phone: (0512) 692011
Fax: (0512) 692063